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Sabre Safety Tuffmaster II Safety Helmet

The Tuffmaster II range of safety helmets offers impact protection against a wide array of falling hazards. Stability on the head, long duration comfort and ease of connecting additional face and hearing protection are the hallmarks of all Sabre Safety helmet designs. Traditionally styled, Tuffmaster II can be specified in durable ABS or high heat Polycarbonate shell materials and reduced peak versions and standard or ratchet adjustment on the ABS variant.


The Tuffmaster II has been designed to meet the requirements of EN397 for shock absorption, resistance to penetration, ignition by flame, and electrical insulation and is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications that require the use of head protection.


A safety helmet's 'safe to use' age is dependant upon on a number of variable factors that must be assessed by the user through a process of careful monitoring and regular inspection prior to use. The date clock located on the peak of a helmet shell is purely an indication of when the shell was manufactured and does not accurately indicate what time period a safety helmet remains safe to use. The most important and relevant date to record in terms of safety is the date of first use and this should always be written immediately on the label provided in the back of the helmet. Polymers are durable materials and only really begin to change their mechanical properties when they are exposed to sunlight and industrial hazards. If left unused in conditions totally deficient of light, moisture and extremes of temperature a helmet shell does not have a short shelf life or short sell by date, infact its physical condition will not alter for some period of time. A safety helmet's lifetime is reduced by a number of different factors:

  Impacts and abrasions
  Temperature extremes
  UV light exposure
  Molten metal splash
  Chemical exposure
  Electrical arc flash

As a manufacturer, it is almost impossible to predict exactly what effect these combinations will have on a helmet's 'safe to use age'. Users must regularly inspect and maintain their safety helmet and have an appreciation of their work environment when determining when to replace their safety helmet. Sabre Safety recommends a maximum in use lifetime of 5 years from the date of first use. Providing the storage conditions stated in our user instructions are adhered to Sabre Safety recommends that our helmets have a storage life of 5 years in addition to their service life without any noteable decline in their mechanical performance.


Helmets should be inspected prior to each use for signs of deterioration or damage, with defective parts replaced immediately. Helmets with damaged shells, e.g; with cracks, dents, excessive abrasion or severe discolouration must be discarded. Regular cleaning using warm water and mild detergent is likely to help extend the helmet's lifetime. A brush can be used to remove stubborn marks and dirt from the shell. Prior to washing, the harness should be removed from the shell to facilitate cleaning. The use of solvents, hot water, or harsh abrasives is not recommended.

Tuffmaster II Safety Helmet


ABS and PC belong to polymers recycling category 7. Please see local authority regulations for disposal advice and locations.


Adhesive labels can attack the structure of all plastic materials over time. Where labelling is a genuine necessity, Scott Safety recommends the use of acrylic or water based adhesives only. No solvent based labels or marker pens should be applied.


Sabre Safety helmets are designed and tested to the requirements of EN397, with clear guidleines that helmets must be worn in the correct orientation with the peak at the front and the size adjustment mechanism at the rear. A helmet's headgear should never be removed to reverse its orientation; if this advice is ignored there can be no assurance that the helmet will meet its certified performance. Applications that require a reduced peak can be satisfied by specifying the Tuffmaster II reduced peak safety helmet, which is ideal for working in confined spaces or at height where greater vision is required.


Sabre Safety helmets are designed with a universal 30mm accessory slot to enable the connection of a wide variety of face or hearing protection. The HC750 is the exception to that with a 25mm accessory post. The range includes a comprehensive portfolio of face protection, passive and electronic hearing protection, sweatbands, chinstraps, replacement headgear, hygiene and winter liners.



Ordering Information

Tuffmaster II HC710 standard peak, unvented - core colours

HC710W 2011101 HC710/SBT helmet White, standard peak, unvented (20)
HC710R 2011093 HC710/SBT helmet Yellow standard peak, unvented (20)

Tuffmaster II HC710 reduced peak, unvented - core colours

HC710W/RP 2011096 HC710/SBT helmet White, reduced peak, unvented (20)
HC710R/RP 2011089 HC710/SBT helmet Yellow reduced peak, unvented (20)

Tuffmaster II HC735 standard peak unvented - core colours

HC735W 2027676 HC735/SBT helmet White, standard peak, unvented (20)
HC735Y 2027679 HC735/SBT helmet Yellow, standard peak, unvented (20)

Tuffmaster II HC735/RP reduced peak unvented - core colours

HC735W/RP 2027682 HC735/SBT helmet White, reduced peak, unvented (20)
HC735Y/RP 2027685 HC735/SBT helmet Yellow, reduced peak, unvented (20)

Tuffmaster II CSB (ABS) unvented - core colours

HC710W/CSB 2011098 HC710/CSB/SBT helmet White, standard peak, unvented (20)
HC735W/RP/CSB 2027688 HC735/CSB/SBT helmet White, reduced peak, unvented (20)

Tuffmaster II HC750 standard peak, unvented - core colours

HC750W 2011082 HC750/SBT helmet White, standard peak, unvented (20)
HC750Y 2011069 HC750/SBT helmet Yellow standard peak, unvented (20)

Tuffmaster II HC750/CSB (PC) standard peak, unvented - core colours

HC750W/CSB 2011071 HC750/CSB/SBT helmet White standard peak, unvented (20)
HC750Y/CSB 2011068 HC750/CSB/SBT helmet Yellow standard peak, unvented (20)

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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