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Sabre Safety FlameVision FV300 Flame Detector

  Advanced array based detector
  Powerful DSP with algorithms to give reliable flame detection of up to 4 radiation sources
  Detection range: Over 50m for 0.1m2 n-heptane pan fire
  Field of view: 90o horizontal, 85o vertical with full range maintained
  High immunity to false alarms
  Solar blind
  Masking of areas in field of view
  Automatic optical path monitoring
  Advanced self test and service features
  Built-in video camera (option): view protected area with alarm location and status overlay
  IEC 61508 Approved (SIL2)

FLAMEVision FV300 uses Infra-Red Array based sensing technology to provide the ultimate programmable flame detector. An array of 256 infrared sensors plus two optical channels view the protected area. Powerful algorithms running on a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) are tuned to the characteristics of a fire and accurately the signals from these channels quickly and reliably identify fires.

A key advantage of using an array is that the detector can accurately identify the location of the flame within the field of view. The location information is used to overlay a marker on the live video output to highlight the fire location. The user can quickly see the location of fires, and decide on the appropriate action.

The location information is also available on the field network interface. User defined areas within the field of view can be masked and un-masked dynamically to improve reliability and maintain maximum coverage at all tImes.

FlameVision FV300 Flame Detector

The detector can be supplied with an optional integrated color video camera to display a live image of the field of view. This is in addition to the alarm location and status information, which is available as standard on the video output.



Ordering Information

Complete System

516.300.006 FV 311S Infrared Array flame detector, no camera
516.300.007 FV 311SC-N Infrared Array flame detector, NTSC camera
516.300.008 FV 311S PAL Infrared Array flame detector, PAL camera

Spare Parts & Accessories

517.300.001 MB 300 Mounting Bracket
517.300.002 WH 300 Weather Hood
517.300.006 MK 300 Field Spares Kit
517.300.021 WT 300 Walk Test Controller
517.300.022 CTI 300 Off-line Configuration Tool Kit

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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